Student Paper Awards


The Student Paper Award Competition session is scheduled on August 6, 2018 from 13:10 - 15:10 hrs in Robert Laidlaw 1 room.

Student authors of shortlisted papers are to give an oral presentation. Please note that the timing for each presentation is strictly limited to 10 mins (including Q&A).


A. Written Submissions

1. Only ONE Student Paper Award (SPA) submission per student is allowed. For consideration in the SPA, the student must be the ONLY student author and must be the FIRST author of the paper. The contribution from the other co-author(s) of the paper should be primarily advisory.

B. Submission of Papers

1. Authors should prepare their submissions as required by the Paper Submission Guidelines and submit their manuscripts in EDAS by 30 April 2018.

2. In the EDAS paper submission page, check the box "Participate in Student Paper Awards".

3. Failure to meet the above guidelines can lead to automatic disqualification of the paper from the award. Questions regarding the SPA can be directed to Dr. Tang Xinyi at

C. Evaluation of Written Submissions

1. Each selected finalist must be registered for the conference and must attend and present his/her paper to the judges for award consideration.

2. To ensure a sufficient number of judges, the competition coordinator will assemble a committee comprising of several judges (the exact number to be decided before the award). The coordinator will ensure that the judges come from both academia and industry.

3. The award coordinator will obtain three independent reviews for each submission from a selected panel of reviewers who are experts in the student's field of study and who are not associated with the student in any way. At least two of the reviewers must indicate the submission is acceptable for a paper to be accepted.

4. The written submission evaluation criteria are:

(a) Quality of written paper (e.g., clarity, organization, figure size, style, etc.).

(b) Sufficient depth and breadth of research work.

(c) Innovation and impact of research work.

(d) Verification and/or validation of results reported in paper.

5. Upon completion of all of the reviews, the award coordinator will assemble a list of the top papers based solely on the numerical scores obtained in the reviews.

D. Award

1. With the consent of the judging panel, the award coordinator will announce the winner(s) during the Conference Banquet.