Special Sessions
Session Timing & Venue
Aug. 6 (10:30-12:10),
Robert Laidlaw 1
Electromagnetic Characteristics and Applications of Graphene Prof. Weibing LU/Prof. Bian WU Southeast University/Xidian University
Aug. 6 (10:30-12:10),
Robert Laidlaw 2
High Performance Antenna Designs for Next-Generation Portable Devices Prof. Yingsong LI/Prof. Luyu ZHAO Harbin Engineering University & Chinese Academy of Sciences/Xidian University
Aug. 6 (10:30-12:10),
Peter Healey 2
Electromagnetic Modeling of Antennas Prof. Wei E. I. SHA/Prof. Ping DU Zhejiang University/Hefei University of Technology
Aug. 6 (13:10-15:10),
Robert Laidlaw 2
Advanced Antenna Techniques and Novel Antenna Solutions Prof. Shi-Gang ZHOU/Prof. Guan-Long HUANG/
Prof. Chow-Yen-Desmond SIM
Northwestern Polytechnical University/
Shenzhen University/Feng Chia University
Aug. 6 (16:00-18:00),
Robert Laidlaw 1
Performance Evaluation of Wireless Networks Prof. Chang Wu YU/Prof. Kun-Ming YU Chung Hua University
Aug. 7
(08:10-09:50/10:30-12:10), Robert Laidlaw 1
Metamaterials and Metasurfaces for Sensing Prof. Qingfeng ZHANG/Prof. Dongying LI Southern University of Science and Technology/
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Aug. 7
(08:10-09:50/10:30-12:10), Peter Healey 2
Electromagnetic Compatibility and Interference in Ships Dr. Li TAO Science and Technology on Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory & China Ship Development and Design Centre
Aug. 7
(13:10-15:10/16:00-18:00), Robert Laidlaw 1
Applications of Metamaterials and Metasurfaces in Manipulation of Electromagnetic Waves Prof. Junming ZHAO/Prof. Kuang ZHANG Nanjing University/Harbin Institute of Technology
Aug. 7 (13:10-15:10),
Peter Healey 2
Wireless Energy Prof. Huapeng ZHAO/Prof. Xianqi LIN/
Prof. Lihua TANG
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China/The University of Auckland
Aug. 8 (08:10-10:10),
Peter Healey 2
Modeling and System Simulation of Radiowave Propagation in Marine Environment Prof. Tao JIANG Harbin Engineering University
Aug. 8 (10:30-12:10),
Peter Healey 2
Challenges and Ideas for 5G Mm-Wave and Beamforming Test Mr. Zheng LIU China Academy of Information and Communications
Aug. 8
(13:10-15:10/15:30-17:30), Robert Laidlaw 1
Metasurfaces for Novel Electromagnetic Wave-Front Manipulation Prof. Weiren ZHU/Prof. Yongjun HUANG Shanghai Jiao Tong University/
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Aug. 8
(13:10-15:10/15:30-17:30), Robert Laidlaw 2
Antennas for Backscatter Identification and Sensing Prof. Smail TEDJINI/Dr. Xianming QING/
Prof. Xiuping LI
Grenoble-inp, Université Grenoble-Alpes/
Institute for Infocomm Research/
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications