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Topics of Interests:


• Analysis, design, and development of various antennas
• Design of wide-band antennas and small antennas
• Empirical, theoretical, and computational models of antennas and arrays
• Material properties and their applications in antennas
• Reconfigurable and tunable antennas, optical and nano antennas
• Antenna arrays and MIMO systems
• Signal processing for antennas

Wave Propagation

• Theoretical and computational methods of predicting wave propagation and sensing
• Characterization of propagation channels
• Applications in wireless communications, radar, and imaging systems
• Multiple antenna systems for spatial, polarization, pattern, and other diversity applications


• Measurement, specification, and standards of electrical quantities
• Measurement techniques for antennas, electromagnetic radiation, propagation, and scattering
• Display and visualization of electromagnetic fields and currents
• Near-field and compact-range measurements and novel measurement techniques
• Design of microwave absorbers and material characterization


• Fundamental and advanced theory, analytical and numerical solutions
• Radiation, scattering, radar cross section, propagation, and interaction with all media
• Inverse scattering and target identification
• Novel electromagnetic and artificial materials
• Computational electromagnetics, fast algorithms, and CAD packages

Microwaves, Millimeter Waves, and THz

• Solid state circuits, low-noise circuits, and high-power circuits, monolithic integrated circuits passive circuits, packaging, interconnects, MCMs, and MEMS
• Ferrite and SAW components, superconducting components and technology
• Microwave-Optical design, high speed digital circuits and SI, submillimeter wave techniques
• THz technology, measurement, and imaging


• EMC and EMI modeling, EMC test methods in industry, environment, near-field for FF problem solving, near-field probers, and functional safety NF scanning for PCB characterization

and many other relevant topics….